Whether you are drawn to an Educational, Medical or Natural Environment setting, Speech Rehab Services is your partner in getting you placed right where you belong.

Working with Speech Rehab Services means access to a variety of placement opportunities in the setting of your choice. We have contracts with schools, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and home-based care providers that will enable you to find the setting and culture that is the best fit for you. And as your career and professional interests develop, your team at Speech Rehab Services will be there to support you if at any point you feel the need to transition into a new setting.


Within the Educational sector, you will have the opportunity to service a wide variety of caseloads including:

General Education, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), DHH (Deaf/Hard of Hearing), IND (Intellectually Impaired), Fluency Disorders, Voice Disorders and Nonverbal Disorders/AAC.


Working within the privacy of an individual’s or family’s home can be a fulfilling experience for both the SLP, OT or PT and the patient.

Your experience in the Natural Environment may include working with early intervention, adult and pediatric home care, hospital home-bound students or medically fragile patients.


Within this setting you work with patients within their homes, providing functional therapy which has a dramatic impact on their daily lives. You will have a unique opportunity to connect with patients and their families. By entering into their lives, you get to know them and their loved ones on a deeper, more intimate level


The Medical setting can be a very exciting and fast paced environment in which to work. In some locations, we have opportunities available in Skilled Nursing facilities, Hospitals, Outpatient Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers or Assisted and Independent Living Facilities.


Building a career in medical settings have become more competitive over the years and hospitals and clinics are often more likely to hire those with clinicians with hospital experience. If you are interested in using your skills within the medical setting, you will benefit greatly from the guidance of an experienced mentor to help you understand how best to approach not just getting a job, but getting the right job, one that will allow you to flourish in your career. Speech Rehab Services can provide you with that mentorship and guidance.

Enjoy the benefit of our extensive experience, our range of placement opportunities and the nurturing, one-on-one support we provide to help you find the position and setting you truly desire.