Lismary Molina

Corporate Team

Lismary attended FIU and received a Masters of Science in Communication and Sciences Disorders in the spring of 2013. She is certified in LSVT LOUD, Beckman Oral Motor Assessment and Intervention, and received a certificate of completion for participation in the course of The Definitive Guide to Dysphagia Therapy (6 CEU’s). Additionally, she possesses CEU’s in Aphasia, Dysphagia, ASD, other school age and adult-related areas of assessment and treatment and supervisory.

Lismary works as a Speech-Language Pathologist in Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) and as a Mentor. She is very familiar with procedure in MDCPS and is always available to assist and answer questions CF’s, clinicians and upper management may have.

Prior to SRS, Lismary worked for 18 years with a lien search company. When asked about the transition from that job, Lismary says, “My role as a Speech-Language Pathologist allows me the opportunity to see first hand the improvement in the quality of life for my students/patients and the bonds I have established with them, their families, teachers, staff, and administrators at the various sites I have been placed. It’s an amazing feeling when a student or patient tells you what a difference you have been for them or when a parent, family member, teacher or administrator approaches you to let you know how well their child/family member/student is doing thanks to your treatment!”

On working with SRS, Lismary added “SRS is a wonderful company to work for and I am very happy with my role here. I have also referred several colleagues to SRS. I really enjoy the degree of independence that I have as a Speech-Language Pathologist with SRS. As a team, I like the availability/accessibility of their highly trained staff, clinicians, and owners with which I am able to discuss and or consult any concerns.”

Her advice for prospective clinical fellows? “Enjoy your Clinical Fellow (CF) experience and remember that you are qualified to do what you do. Have confidence in what you know and your decisions as a clinician. Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge your mentors and supervisors have and are willing to share with you. Lastly, ask questions, take good notes, be organized, and remember to breathe. Your CF will fly by!”